Saturday, 31 March 2007

What happened to energy stock

Well, 8p was all I got back in the end. After they initially dipped to 390, they then rallied to their current position of 480!!!

I had no idea that the stock would rally that much. Sometimes, things just happen that are totally unexpected and unexplainable. Like Peanut butter and Jam being a great combination on bread!

The recent weeks has taught me a thing or two about pain and fear. These two emotions I should not really have to deal with after all this time trading and I should learn my lesson by buying protective puts or at least a debit put spread.

I have recently sold a June straddle and gone synthetic long on a well known household products company. Calculations have shown me that over any 60 day period, the share price moves up by more than 6% over 75% of the time.

This looks like a good bet especially as volatility is low on the stock. In any case, if things go horribly wrong I will lose some money but not the shirt off my back. Just the cuffs and an arm.